Egypt imports 60,000 tonnes of wheat for August
Reuters, Tuesday 26 Jul 2011
State importer says it has settled on a tender of wheat from mixed international sources for delivery late next month

Egypt’s main state wheat importer, the General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC), has settled on a tender to purchase supplies in the last third of August.

GASC aims at importing “60,000-tonne cargoes of U.S. soft red winter wheat, Canadian soft wheat, French milling wheat; Australian standard white wheat, German milling wheat, Argentine bread wheat, UK milling wheat, Russian milling wheat and Kazakh milling wheat,” states Nomani Nomani, vice chairman of the GASC.

Tenders and results are expected to be reached and revealed on Tuesday.

GASC’s last purchase was 180,000 tonnes of Russian wheat on 15 July, its second exclusive tender with Russia.

Russia faced a drought last summer that caused a yearlong ban on wheat exports but Nomani said the quality of new Russian crops was satisfactory.

Despite past issues with the quality and health standards of Russian wheat, Nomani said the country’s participation in future tenders would not be obstructed.

He added that the GASC was assessing the inclusion of Ukraine and Romania on the list of global partners in such tenders.