National Association for Change suspends its Tahrir sit-in
Ahram Online , Tuesday 26 Jul 2011
The group has decided to withdraw, saying that most of its demands are being met, in particular those pertaining to the trying of police officers accused of killing protesters

The National Association for Change (NAC) declared on Tuesday that it will be suspending its sit-in in Tahrir Square, saying that most of its demands have been met.

The Association added that it would call for another gathering in the square on 12 August for any unmet demands.

The Association's statement confirmed its stand against the military trials of civilians and the accusative tone used against the 6th of April Youth Movement and Kefaya Movement, and demands that an independent committee investigates the Abbassiya violence that left more than 300 people injured.

The statement added that the Association is pleased by the decision made by the new government in response to the sit-in, including taking a firm stand against police officers involved in killing protesters, dedicating courts for the cases against the killers of the martyrs, making the trials public and taking a decision to bring the ousted president together with the former minister of interior in front of the same court, holding them accountable for killing protesters.

The statement also supported the government’s decision to set a maximum wage in the coming months and encouraged it to set a minimum wage of LE1200.