Ex-minister of interior denies knowledge of instructions to destroy state security files
Ahram Online, Monday 1 Aug 2011
Investigations into the destruction of secret State Security files are ongoing, as ex-minister and former State Security head deny involvement

As investigations continue into the former State Security apparatus, the ex-minister of interior, Mahmoud Wagdy, denied any knowledge that instructions were given to destroy some of the State Security files. Wagdy confirmed that he was not aware that instructions were given by former head of State Security Hassan Abdelrahman to destroy secret files.

Abdelrahman also denied having orally instructed the destruction of the secret files, saying that he had only published a periodical demanding this.

The police officers accused of destroying the files will be questioned over the statements of both Abdelrahman and Wagdy.

Investigations have been ongoing after State Security buildings were set on fire. Several state security officers and personnel were accused of setting the buildings on fire and shredding documents to bury evidence of wrong-doing.

The ongoing investigations are also looking into whether the documents actually contained any evidence of state security police violations.