New Release: A Psychaitrist's Dairies
Marwa Mohie El-Din, Wednesday 3 Aug 2011
Respected psychiatrist Dr. Abd-El-Moneim Ashour shares his life in autobiography

Yawmeiyat Tabeeb Nafsi, A Psychaitrist's Dairies by Dr.Abd-El-Moneim Ashour. Akhbar El-Youm publishing house 2011. PP. 99.

Dr. Abd-El-Moneim Ashour is one of the most important practioners of of psychiatry, and one of the oldest in the career. At age 77, he has chosen to show readers a slice of his life by publishing this autobiography, which includes importants events in they psychiatrist's life since his birth in 1934.

In the dairies, the chapters move quickly. They reveal glimpses of both political and scientific life, from the monarchy era until the January 25th Revolution.