Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party object to appointment of governors from former regime
Ahram Online, Sunday 7 Aug 2011
The Muslim Brotherhood's political party issues a statement criticising the latest governor appointments, which installed figures from the previous regime in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party has spoken out against the reappointment of Osama El-Fouly and Adel Labib as governors, despite Cabinet promises that no former regime figures will be appointed.

The party released a statement expressing its concern regarding the appointment of former National Democratic Party (NDP) member Osama El-Fouly and former Alexandria governor and state security member Adel Labib. The statement said that their appointment goes against the revolution’s demands.

The party said it rejected the appointment of any former NDP members (who ruled Egypt with a steel fist for thirty years), regime figures or state security members to administrative state positions.

The statement requested that the ruling military council and the government reconsider the latest governors’ reshuffle.