Egyptian actor Ezzat El-Alayly comments on the Mubarak trial
MENA, Monday 8 Aug 2011
El Alayly said that Egypt is at the forefront of the Arab world for trying its ousted president, but believes that the revolution still has a long way to go

The Egyptian actor Ezzat El-Alayly has expressed his sorrow upon seeing the ousted president Hosny Mubarak and his two sons in the cage facing charges of killing protestors.

“It is a very heartbreaking scene that would remind us every now and then how Mubarak and his inner circle have gained from this country,” he said.

El-Alayly added that despite everything, the Egyptian judiciary has proven to have a high level of integrity by giving the accused a chance for defence. He added that by trying Mubarak, Egypt has been at the forefront of all Arab countries.

He believes that the road is still long towards the success of the revolution and that all Egyptians should stand aligned against anyone who is trying to gain power from the revolution, adding that Egypt needs a complete change in its political and social structure.

El-Alyaly had been offered the main role in a television series about the Egyptian revolution but was surprised when the director took back the offer without stating any reasons behind the decision.