Seven activists sentenced to 8 years in prison for protesting Egypt-Saudi islands deal
El-Sayed Gamal El-Din, Saturday 11 Jun 2016
Authorities monitored social media pages created by the activists that stated that Tiran and Sanafit islands were Egyptian, not Saudi-owned

A Giza Terrorism Circuit Court sentenced Saturday seven activists to eight years in prison over illegally protesting in Kerdasa district 25 April against the Egypt-Saudi Red Sea islands deal.

The defendants were also ordered to pay a fine of EGP 500. They can still appeal the sentence.

On 27 April, the seven activists were arrested after authorities monitored their creation of social media pages that stated that Tiran and Sanafir islands were of Egyptian owned.

Hundreds of activists opposing the Red Sea Islands deal were sentenced to various jail terms and monetary fines in recent weeks over their participation in thw 25 April protests, pre-empted by the police before they could take place.

Most of the jail sentences were, however, overturned following appeals.