Commuters struggle in Greek transport strike
AP, Wednesday 28 Sep 2011
Athens comes to a near standstill as bus, metro, taxi and tram drivers strike against the latest wave of austerity measures and rising costs

Another 24-hour public transport strike has left commuters in the Greek capital struggling to make their way to work as unions lash out against austerity measures the government hopes will get it access to crucial bailout loans.

Wednesday's strike left Athens without buses, metros, taxis and trams. Customs and tax office workers were also on strike, while about 350 pensioners demonstrated outside the Finance Ministry against pension cuts and tax increases.

Greeks have been outraged by the announcement of new austerity measures, including pension cuts and a new property tax, coming after more than a year of spending cuts and tax hikes.

The heads of Greece's international debt inspectors are due back in Athens this week to complete a review of the government's reforms.