Youth activists issue blacklist for former NDP members running in parliamentary elections
Ahram Online, Wednesday 9 Nov 2011
A new blacklist to warn voters from former NDP members running for the parliament issued by the Free front for peaceful change movement

The Free Front for Peaceful Change movement has issued a new blacklist for the former NDP members running for the parliamentary elections this year promising to expose their plans to 'spoil' political life after the revolution as the party did in the past.

The blacklist includes so far 15 names of former NDP members as well the names of the parties that allowed the former NDP members to run on its electoral lists.

The new blacklist comes as part of the movement’s elections awareness campaign “Your revolution is in your vote”.

The Free Front for peaceful change movement "Gabha Hora" is comprised of youth activists who have launched several campaigns in recent months to raise awareness about democracy, constitution and elections.