Officers Against Corruption group calls for new police leadership
Zeinab El-Gundy, Tuesday 22 Nov 2011
Reformist police officers call for Supreme Council of Police to include civilian human rights activists and judges

The Officers Against Corruption Facebook page has issued a statement declaring their desire to purge the Ministry of Interior of El-Adly and Mubarak followers and to rebuild trust between the public and the ministry.

The group said they would form a Supreme Council of Police, which would include human rights activists such as Gamal Eid and Mosad Abu Fagr, and reformist judges such as Ashraf El-Baroudi, to oversee the ministry.

Officers Against Corruption is a group of reformist police officers who declared their support for the revolution in January 2011 and demanded that the Ministry of Interior be purged of El-Adly and his supporters.

There have been many proposed initiatives by civil society groups to reform the ministry over the past nine months but they have been ignored by the ministry and the government.