Fans and celebrities mourn Palestinian singer Rim Banna on Twitter
Ahram Online, Monday 26 Mar 2018

Palestinian singer Rim Banna died yesterday, after a long struggle with cancer. Many celebrities took to Twitter to share their condolences and to honor Banna's legacy in music.

Egyptian singer Mohamed Mohsen (@Mohsen)

Goodbye Rim. My deepest condolences to the family and fans of the Palestinian artist and activist #RimBanna who died after a long struggle with illness.

Palestinian pop singer Mohamed Assaf

Reem left us after she filled our worlds with love, art, music and folk songs
She was from Palestine, and for Palestine she sang and embroidered the pillows and planted flowers on the windowsills of Nazareth.
Her battle was not only one for Palestinian identity, art and culture, but she fought cancer bravely with hope and defiance.
Thank you, we love you, may your soul rest in peace.

رحلت #ريم_بنا
رحلت بعد أن ملأت دنيانا حبا، فناً، اغاني و أهازيج
كانت من #فلسطين و لفلسطين تغني و تطرز الوسادات و تزرع الزهور على شرفتها في الناصرة
كانت معركتها ليست فقط معركة الهوية و الثقافة و الفن الفلسطيني.. بل حاربت السرطان بشجاعة و أمل و تحدي..
أشكرك.. نحبك.. لروحك السلام
— محمد عساف🇵🇸 (@MohammedAssaf89) March 24, 2018

Palestinian senior television presenter Mohamed AboEbeid (@mobeid)

You fought cancer like you were fighting the occupation
You sang for Palestine, the land, love and humanity
You filled the hearts of Palestinians with all the meanings of patriotism
You were not only the daughter of Nazareth, nor just the voice of Marj Bin Amer, but you were the voice of a country that travelled to tell people there is Palestine.
May your soul rest in peace.

Egyptian actor Mohamed Henedy (quoting lines from her song The Absent One)

Do not apologize! Whoever said you are a tyrant
Do not be upset! Whoever said you are an aggressor

لا تعتذر! مَن قال أنّك ظالم
لا تنفعل! مَن قال أنّك معتدي

— Mohamed Henedy (@OfficialHenedy) March 24, 2018

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