Military official: Soldiers on trial for Maspero, virginity tests
Ahram Online, Tuesday 20 Dec 2011
Trials of military personnel charged with involvement in Maspero massacre and virginity test scandal 'already underway,' says official

Some army personnel currently face military prosecution for suspected involvement in the October Maspero clashes and the virginity test scandal in March, Major-General Adel El-Morsi, head of the military judiciary, said on Tuesday.‎

‎“Some media outlets have reported that no legal action was taken against those responsible for ‎running over protesters in Maspero,” El-Morsi said. ‎“So we’re clarifying that the case is already underway at the ‎Supreme Military Court.”

‎“Since there are no general prosecutors in military trials, martyrs’ families can ‎refer their demands to military prosecutors,” he added.‎

On 9 October, 27 protesters – mostly Coptic Christians – were killed when a peaceful protest march was attacked by unknown assailants.‎ Military forces quickly intervened, opening fire on ‎protesters and running over several with armoured vehicles. ‎

‎“The virginity test incident is also being looked into by military prosecutors following ‎the investigation and questioning of eyewitnesses,” El-Morsi stated.‎

After dispersing a peaceful sit-in in March, military personnel allegedly forced several female protesters to undergo humiliating virginity tests.