Egypt's Japanese schools open doors for online registration on Monday
Ahram Online, , Monday 2 Jul 2018
the schools will implement the Tokkatsu's course of study, which focuses on achieving a balanced development of intellect, virtue and body Forty-Five

Egypt’s new Japanese schools have opened their doors for online registration for potential students on Monday, state owned MENA agency reported.

According to MENA, both modified the new Egyptian curriculum will be taught in Arabic starting the academic year 2018-2019, as well as the adoption of the whole child education system Tokkatsu which aims to build the young students a comprehensive character.

Last week, the country’s Education Ministry said it will open the door on 2 July for enrolment at the country's new schools, which were first scheduled to open last October; yet postponed studies in order to be better prepared and ensure a sufficient level of quality and selection criteria, the education ministry said at the time.

Forty-Five of these schools will open in September, according to Egypt’s Education Minister Tarek Shawki.

The project, which aims to create around 200 such schools, was agreed upon by Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi during his visit to Japan in February 2016.

Under a cooperation protocol signed between Egypt and Japan in 2017, Japan is providing the necessary technical support for the project.

Observers, teachers and parents believe that Egypt's education system needs a massive overhaul. Critics say that the system, which is based on rote learning, does not give students necessary practical skills, leaving them unqualified for college and hindering their transition to the workplace.

The fees for the Japanese schools will be around EGP 10,000 (US$ 560), compared to the average $ 5.5 for state-run schools, which are mostly attended by students from low-income families.

As well as the Egyptian curricula, the schools will implement the Tokkatsu course of study, which focuses on achieving a balanced development of intellect, virtue and body by ensuring academic competence, rich emotions and healthy physical development.

The ministry says that the schools will focus on enhancing the child's personality rather than scientific content by introducing a special system that is meant to improve students' cognitive skills and behaviour while encouraging innovation and creativity.

Last week, Egypt's parliament approved a $ 168 loan from Japan that will be used to set up the schools.