Lower temperatures, mild rain expected in Cairo over the weekend
Martina Guirguis, , Wednesday 7 Nov 2018

The head of Egypt's Meteorological Authority (EMA) Ahmed Abdel-Aal told Ahram Online that a drop in temperatures and rains are forecasted in Egypt's northern coastal cities during the weekend.

"Temperatures are expected to drop over the coming days," Abdel-Aal said, adding that "Cairo is expected to see mild rains for two days starting Friday."

Winter and autumn in Egypt are usually dry with the exception of a few days of drizzle or heavy rains.

The Egyptian government has taken precautionary measures to deal with the heavy rains.

The EMA official said that temperatures on Thursday morning will be moderate across the country.

Temperatures forecasts across Egypt are as follows:

Cairo: 26 - 18

Alexandria: 25 - 17

Nile Delta: 25 - 17

North Sinai: 25 - 17

South Sinai: 27 - 21

Upper Egypt: 26 - 14