Cairo's Chinese Cultural Centre awards journalism competition winners
Samia Fakhry, Monday 3 Dec 2018
The competition is organised in cooperation with Radio and Television magazine and China Today magazine

General Director of the Chinese Cultural Centre in Cairo and Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy Shi Yuewen handed out the awards of the first edition of the “I and China” journalism competition at the Chinese Cultural Centre on Saturday.

The competition is organised in cooperation withRadio and Televisionmagazine andChina Todaymagazine. The number of competitors reached 279 people, with 30 winners.

The Chinese cultural counsellorhad suggested the idea of the competition after its great success in Algeria.

During the ceremony, Ismail El-Shashtawi, representing the National Media Council, and Liu Yongfeng, deputising for Chinese AmbassadorSong Aiqua, presented the first prize – a trip to China -- to Ahmed Zaref Daif and Sabry Nasra.

The head of the Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Development Fund, Fathi Abdel-Wahab, presented the second prize to three winners, worth $2,000, as well as 20 other smaller prizes.


Members of the jury were also given honorary shields of recognition by Essam Sharaf, former prime minister, and included Hussein Ismail, editor-in-chief ofChina Todaymagazine,Khaled Hanafi, editor-in-chief of Radio and Televisionmagazine, writer and novelist Youssef El-Qaaid, head of the Journalists Syndicate and chairman of the Al-Ahram board Abdel-Mohsen Salama, Chinese cultural advisorShi Yuewen, and Mohamed El-Baz, chairman of the board and editor ofAl-Dostornewspaper.