Tahrir Imam condemns Egypt media for tarnishing revolution's image
Ahram Online, Friday 20 Jan 2012
In today's sermon, the influential Tahrir Preacher Mazhar Shaheen condemns the media's painting of his mosque as a place of prostitution, drugs and torture

The “Tahrir Preacher” Sheikh Mazhar Shaheen, in his Friday sermon in Omar Makram Mosque today in Tahrir Square, condemned Egyptian media for destroying the image of the revolution.

Shaheen, the Imam of the landmark mosque, which is adjacent to the square and regularly serves as a makeshift hospital when protesters are attacked in Tahrir during the interval protests this year, said that the media has spread rumours that the mosque is a place of prostitution, drugs and torture.

Shaheen noted that the media is ignoring all the major political issues currently plaguing the country, like the death of protesters in recent clashes and focused, instead, on the burning of the Scientific Institute, which was torched during clashes in front of the Cabinet building in December.

Shaheen was summoned last week by the state prosecution for questioning following the Cabinet clashes, but the government later declared him a witness not a suspect in its inquiry.

Shaheen has administered Friday prayers in Tahrir Square since the start of the revolution, and is considered one of the main supporters of continuing the struggle against old vistages of the Mubarak regime.