Egypt money supply rose 6.7 per cent by Dec 2011
Reuters, Tuesday 31 Jan 2012
Supplies rose to LE1,039 billion at the end of last year, central bank figures show

Egypt's M2 money supply rose by 6.7 per cent in the year to the end of December, the central bank said on Tuesday.

Money supply was LE1,039 billion (US$172.26 billion), up from LE1,032 billion at the end of November and LE974 billion at the end of December 2010.

M2 is a category of money supply that includes general use in addition to all time-related deposits, savings deposits, and non-institutional money-market funds.

The following are the latest Egyptian M2 money supply figures in billions of Egyptian pounds, according to the central bank's website (

Dec 2011 Nov 2011 Dec 2010

Domestic liquidity: 1,039 1,032 974

Annual change (%) 6.7 7.1 12.5