'Egyptians' loyalty to homeland is unchangeable fact over time,' Sisi says on 6th anniversary of 30 June revolution
MENA, , Sunday 30 Jun 2019

The loyalty of the Egyptians to their homeland and their rejection of any attempt to erase their national identity are facts that do not change over time, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said on the 6th anniversary of 30 June revolution.

In a nationwide address over the occasion, the Egyptian president said the Egyptian people are closely linked to their homeland and their identity and they rise high above the narrow interests of some groups or external parties who believed that their black terrorism would undermine the will of a nation that made history.

Despite the difficult circumstances that shrouded June 30 revolution, they are still the best days in our modern history as we saw how hope was born in darkness, the President said.

Over the years, and with the support of the army and police, Sisi said the Egyptians joined hands with all state institutions to defend our precious homeland from any conflict or chaos meant to tear apart the nation or weaken it.

"We managed to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorist organizations through launching a comprehensive military operation in Sinai," he said.

As a result, Egypt has become a stable and more secure center amid a highly volatile region, he added.

"We also managed to lay down solid bases for an advanced economy to face hard economic conditions. We took decisions that were tough for Egyptians but they courageously bore their consequences because they are fully understanding of the burdens of reforms," El-Sisi.

El-Sisi renewed commitment to continue defending Egypt no matter what it costs in order to build a strong nation.

He also reiterated commitment to putting the nation's's interest above any other interest and to continue building and development march at all levels.

At the end, the President saluted all Egyptians whom he described as makers of hope and future.