South Sudan ready to accommodate 150,000 returnees
Asmaa Husseini, Friday 7 Jan 2011
South Sudan says it is fully prepared to accommodate the return of displaced peoples

South Sudan’s Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management James Kok Ruea revealed a plan to move displaced persons from the North to various areas in the South.

“Facilities and equipments are fully prepared for the reception of displaced persons returning from the North and other African capitals,” he said, expressing the government’s readiness to accommodate the returnees and provide them with all necessities.

When asked by Al Ahram about the possibility of these individuals again being sent back to the North, Kok said that three years ago the South did not have its current resources and organization to accommodate the returnees.Kok added that some 150 thousand people returned to the South recently and none were sent back to the North.

The South also provided means of transport for returnees from Kosti in central Sudan, who, until that point, were unable to find individual transportation to the South.

Kok also said that some 160 humanitarian organizations have been providing medical services, food and water to better accommodate the returnees. He added that more assistance is required in different regions.