Antiquities ministry looking into putting lid back onto Tutankhamun's sarcophagus
Nevine El-Aref, Friday 11 Oct 2019
The lid is currently resting next to the sarcophagus inside the tomb

The Ministry of Antiquities is considering how to return the lid of Tutankhamun’s quartzite sarcophagus to its original location on top of the sarcophagus inside the boy king’s tomb.

Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Enany, renowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, and secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri embarked on a tour of the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings recently to inspect the recent restoration carried out at the site.


New lighting and ventilation systems were installed and wooden stairs erected to facilitate visits.

They also inspected the lid of the quartzite sarcophagus, now located on the floor beside the sarcophagus, in an attempt to find the best method to return the lid to its original location on top of the coffin.

Conservation work on the tomb’s wall paintings was completed in June, removing scratches, abrasions and a layer of dust transferred by visitors.