Comptroller's office secretly investigated Netanyahu on financial corruption
Ahram Online , Friday 2 Mar 2012
Israel's prosecutor general will consider pressing charges based on secret comptroller investigations into Netanyahu's family trips - allegedly on businessmen's accounts - and questionable campaign funding

The Israeli Haaretz revealed on Monday that the State Comptroller's office had been secretly investigating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on financial corruption allegations over the last decade.

State officials visited Netanyahu's Jerusalem office where they accused him and his family of travelling twice at the expense of businessmen while in public office. Also brought up in the two-hour "interview," as the Haaretz phrased it, were his questionable methods of obtaining funds for his electoral campaign.

The two trips in question involved Netanyahu's visit to London in August 2006 and to the United States in September.

Netanyahu's lawyers submitted receipts and invoices from the PM's trips over the last six years to the comptroller's office in an attempt to prove his innocence.

The comptroller's office will pass its findings on to the general prosecutor, who will decide whether to open a criminal investigation upon reviewing the documentation.