Egypt's meteorological authority forecasts unstable weather for four days
Ahram Online , Wednesday 5 Feb 2020
Cairo may see light to medium rains from Friday to Sunday

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) said a new wave of unstable weather will hit the country from Wednesday to Sunday.

The authority said that dusty and sandy winds will be active in most parts of the country, forming dust storms in some areas and causing turbulence in navigation in the Mediterranean Sea, especially on Wednesday and Thursday.
The EMA added that there will be a rise in temperatures in most parts of Egypt of three to four degrees Celsius on Wednesday and Thursday before temperatures recede in most parts of the country by five to six degrees Celsius starting from Friday.

The authority hinted there is an chance for a light to medium rainfall in Cairo from Friday to Sunday.

Lows in Cairo and the Nile Delta cities are forecast at 12 degrees on Wednesday, and will go up to 13 on Thursday before dropping again to 12 on Friday, the EMA reported.

Highs are expected to stand at an average of 22 degrees Celsius in Cairo and the Nile Delta on Wednesday and Thursday, dropping to an average of 16 degrees Celsius in Cairo and the Nile Delta on Friday.

The coastal city of Alexandria will see almost the same highs as Cairo on Wednesday and temperatures will drop to 19 degrees Celsius on Thursday and 17 degrees the following four days. Lows in Alexandria will be slightly lower on Wednesday, hovering around 11 degrees.

The popular winter Red Sea resorts of Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh will see average highs of 23 to 25 from Wednesday till Friday, and lows of 13 to 14 in the same period.

The southern cities of Luxor and Aswan will witness highs of 23-25 and lows of 10 from Wednesday till Friday.