Egyptian culture ministry offers its publications free online
Mohammed Saad, , Thursday 26 Mar 2020
The move is part of a new initiative in response the coronavirus outbreak, aimed at helping people to stay at home, fighting the spread of the virus

The Egyptian Ministry of Culture has announced that it will make some of its publicationsavailable online to readers in PDF form for free through its own website, in a bid to help keeppeople at home amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The ministry announced a campaign called Khaleek Fil Bayt (Stay At Home), onethat will including making its publications its theatre productions and video archivesavailable online for free to watch and download.

The ministry has many publication series, including a heritage book series in addition to recentand contemporary books that range from philosophy to history to literature and sociology.

The ministry's books will be available through this link:

The books available include many of the National Centre for Translation, which madeavailable titles such as Meditations on First Philosophy by French philosopher ReneDescartes, Creative Evolution by French philosopher Henri Bergson, Pragmatism byWilliam James, and Homer's Iliad and The Odyssey.