Arab Publishers Association requests help from governments amid coronavirus crisis
Mohammed Saad, , Saturday 11 Apr 2020

The Arab Publishers Association (APA) has called upon Arab governments to include publishers in their economic stimulus packages, publishing being one of the worst economically hit sectors owing to the protective measures against coronavirus.

The APA said in an open letter to the press signed by its head, Mohamed Rashad, that due to the ongoing crisis, which will have long-term effects on the economy, it is requesting governments to allocate funds to buy books from publishers, each in their own country, through the ministries of culture and education, schools and universities to help publishers financially.

The APA also requested publishers be exempt from taxes to be able to stay open.

The APA asserted the important role of publishers in building knowledge and cultural and scientific content, which makes keeping that sector alive essential for decision-makers.

"The publishing sector is faced with unprecedented challenges that necessitate help from governments to relieve the economic burdens on them, so we ask governments to include publishers in their economic stimulus packages to help keep the sector alive," the letter concluded.