Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Davide Scalmani presents online video clips onvarious aspects of the Italian culture
Reham El-Adawi, Tuesday 21 Apr 2020

The French Cultural Institute

In this difficult period, we advise you tostay at home to prevent coronavirus and to protect your loved ones.The French Institute in Egypt offers you a variety of entertainment and educational proposals to do in your home alone or with your family.
Through the #of the French Institute, in Egypt, withyou, at home,the institutewill share withyou new information through which you can discover several fields, including: museums, audio-visual media, heritage, dance, science, education and language.Be on time with the instituteonits Facebook pageat 11am and 3pm.You can, in your home, alone or with your family, make virtual visits to museums, listen to audiobooks, watch parties, continue studying French online and enjoy leisure activities.
After school closures and an alert to limit movement and stay at home, the French Institute in Egypt reminds you that Culturethèqueis at your service especially for students and subscribers to one of its libraries. In your home, you can view the Culturethèque, a platform that allows you to read and download a large number of sources such as French newspapers, classic and contemporary literary novels, comics, children's books, and games. Also, you can listen to music and watch concerts and documentaries. You will also find effective and creative ways to study the French language. In this way, you and your children can benefit from your time at home in a constructive and entertaining way.

The Culturethèque platform is only open free of charge. The subscription is through your learning card number and the subscription card in one of the libraries of the French Institute in Egypt and used as a user name.

Learn French with Culturethèque at: about the platform at Culturethèque:

Best Audio Book of 2020 from the Culturethèque Digital Library

Join Culturethèqueand choose the best audiobook for 2020 from theCulturethèque Digital Library from March to June2020, you can participate in choosing the best audiobook for 2020, listen to the clips of the participating books and vote for the best.

You can listen to a selectionof books entitled "La Plume de Paon" which includes 5 sections: Classic, Contemporary, Youth and Children, Documentary and Police. You can participate by clicking on the "Vote" button for the best book. You can also discover the Culturethèque digital library, which contains an audio library of contemporary and classical writers.

Every word has a story told by Alain Rey. Through a20-minute video, you can travel and learn about some of the French language words to learn more about the French language.

The Italian Cultural Institute

The Italian Cultural Institute in Cairooffers daily multimedia content to stay updated on the Italian language and culture even during the present situation of sanitary isolation. To follow these digital contents, connect to the institute’s official Facebook page: Italian Cultural Institute and Archaeological Center.You will find several categories representative of the best of the Italian cultural industries, including literature, language, art, cinema, and archeology.

As for the teaching of the Italian language, the Italian Institute concludes the first course of the Italian language courses that were fully organized online after receiving many requests by students who want to start studying the Italian language in an attempt to benefit from the period of isolation or quarantine. The Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo, which is among the first institutes of the Italian network of institutes in the world, continued to provide its students at home with courses covering all levels of the language taught.

The Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo will also offer short conversation courses for students wishing to hold this course during Ramadan, to give everyone the opportunity to stay in touch with the Italian language and culture.

In addition, the institute will launch in the coming days of Ramadan a second series of videos dedicated to students of the Italian language entitled: "Speak as you Eat", which was edited by the institute’s professors of the Italian language courses, which search and even display various expressions of the vernacular Italian language, which is often similar to the Egyptian one, in addition to gestures, sayings and lifestyles.

Through its social media @iiccairofficial channels, the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo launched a new series of videos titled: “Notes and Ideas on the Italian Language and Culture” presented by the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Davide Scalmani who, through video clips, provides various aspects of Italian culture very relevant to the current affairs and topics.

The instituteinvites you to follow the hashtags # We Are Italy and#Stay Tuned on IIC CAIRO: comment and share cultural content with your friends.In addition, the Italian Cultural Institute presents on the other social channels: Instagram and Twitter: STAY TUNED ON IIC CAIRO.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 23 April, 2020 edition ofAl-Ahram Weekly