Egypt's tourism and antiquities ministry to launch new virtual tour of Funerary Complex of King Unas
Nevine El-Aref, , Thursday 23 Apr 2020
The complex includes the valley temple, mortuary temple, causeway connecting them, and the pyramid

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities will launch tonight at 8:00 pm a new virtual tour of the Funerary Complex of King Unas.

The tour will be posted on the ministry’s official website and social media platforms.

The Funerary Complex of King Unas consists of the valley temple, mortuary temple, the causeway connecting them, and thepyramid itself.

King Unas (c.‪2375–2345BC), is the last king of the5th Dynasty. His pyramid’s complex contains all the components of the royalfunerary complex of the Old Kingdom.

The entrance to the pyramid is located on its north side. A descending corridor leads to a hall, and then to a horizontal gallery endingin an antechamber with three small magazines on its left.

On the right is the burial chamber, which contains the oldest known pyramid texts. These are religious inscriptions that helpedthe deceased king in his resurrection, guiding him to reach the sun god Ra in the sky.

‎‏The mortuary temple, dedicated to the performance of religious rituals for the king after his death, is located on the east side ofthe pyramid. It contains a court with columns, a sanctuary, altar, and a number of magazines.

‎‏From 1899 to 1903, excavations took place in the area surrounding the pyramid, which led to the discovery of numerous shafttombs from the 26th (664–525 BC) and 27th Dynasties (525–404 BC), as well as the tomb of KingHetepsekhemwy, founder of the 2nd Dynasty (c.2890 BC), which lies directly beneath the mortuary temple.

This tombconsists of a 50-metre long corridor sculpted in rock that has 80 storage rooms on its left and right.