Art Alert: A night for Abdel-Halim Hafez songs at Cairo Opera House
Ahram Online, , Tuesday 30 Mar 2021
Mohamed El-Mougy's orchestra will introduce a selection of well memorised romantic and patriotic songs of the iconic Egyptian singer

The Cairo Opera House is marking the 44th year since the departure of Egyptian singing icon Abdel-Halim Hafez (1929-1977) with a concert by the Mohamed El-Mougy orchestra, at the grand hall on Thursday.

A selection of some of the well memorised romantic and patriotic songs of the legendary singer will be performed by singers of the orchestra, including Ahmed Effat, Noha Hafez, Hanan Essam, Mohamed Hassan, Hossam Hosny, and Ahmed Tarek, accompanied by pianist Hamada El-Naggar.

The repertoire will include ‘Dhay El-Anadeel’ and ‘Ya Alby Ya Khali’ of composer Mohamed Abdel-Wahab; Kamal El-Taweel's ‘El-Helwa’ and ‘Halefny’; Mohamed El-Mougy's ‘A'oul Ma'oulsh’ and ‘Habibaha’; Mounir Mourad's ‘Ta'aly A'ollek’ and ‘Bokra W-Ba'do’; and ‘Habibaty man Takon’ of Baligh Hamdi, among other selections.

Probably the most acclaimed male Arab singer ever, Abdel-Halim Hafez died on 30 March 1977, leaving behind a legacy of films, radio series, and songs collaborating with the best poets and musicians of his era and marking historical events.

Thursday 1 April at 8pm
Cairo Opera House, Big hall, Zamalek


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