Spanish court ratifies verdict to deport runaway Mubarak-era tycoon
Ahram Online, Friday 11 May 2012
A court in Spain rejects an appeal raised by Hussein Salem, one of Mubarak's closes affiliates, on an earlier verdict that ruled for his deportation

A Spanish administrative court has rejected an appeal made by Hussein Salem, a Mubarak-era business tycoon, on an earlier court ruling that binds the Spanish government to deporting him and his two sons back to Egypt.

Following the court's decision, Egypt's deputy minister of justice for the illicit gains body announced that after the rejection of the appeal, the verdict to deport Salem is irrevocable and that within the coming days both authorities will be communicating to arrange for his deportation.

Egypt had requested Spain extradite the family to face trial. In June 2011, Salem, who fled Egypt on 3 February at the height of last year’s 18-day ‎uprising, was arrested in his mansion in Majorca, Spain after Interpol issued an arrest warrant for the ageing businessman.

The business magnate who enjoyed close ties with the ousted ‎Mubarak regime faces multiple charges of corruption and money ‎laundering in both countries. Salem has dual Spanish/Egyptian nationality. His son and daughter, who ‎were arrested in Spain last summer, are also accused of laundering some 2 billion euro.‎

In March 2012, the Giza Criminal Court handed Salem a 15-year sentence for illegally acquiring public property.
Salem is also one of the accused in the ongoing trial of ex-president Hosni Mubarak for squandering public funds by taking part in the gas export deal with Israel.