Intimate relationships: A lack of information
Ingy Deif, Monday 17 Jan 2011
Intimate relationships between married couples struggle within a vicious circle of a lack of information

No one can argue that the past decade was characterized by a vast increase in the awareness of people and their passion to know the truth. Nevertheless, certain issues are still stigmatized, giving way to a lot of misconceptions to thrive in the darkness of ignorance and mislead. One of which is the intimate relationship between married couples, which specialists argue struggles within a vicious circle of a lack of information from and to the people.

"It is of utmost importance to shed more light on such a problem," says Dr. Heba Kotb, a leading consultant of Sexology and Marriage councelling. "Abroad they know the importance of registering data in various medical fields and establishing access to information and statistics regarding any pending research tackling a medical issue or aiming to estimate the intensity of a certain complaint, and that is usually achieved through the archives of the family doctor - an entity we lack here."

She advocates the establishment of a new medical hierarchy where the patients are urged to consult a GP or a family doctor before the latter refers them to a specialist, but only after registering the information into the file of the patient and then to a more generalized database serving the need of pinpointing the problems of the society. "Until we have a proper database, we can hardly discuss our problemsaccurately."

She emphasizes that lack of information from the patients is only one side of the coin, the other being faulty information presented to the people. "Unfortunately, most of the sources that people resort to in order to further understand issues of sexual relationships are not trustworthy, whether it was unspecialized authors of books and articles who expectedly ignore specifying their area of expertise, or highly defected and unreliable material on the internet which unfortunately draws huge numbers of inquiries. Or the source would be word of mouth from colleagues and friends with expectedly catastrophic results," says Kotb.

The consequences of faulty sources of information could be drastic and lead to intricate complexities in the way a man understands his wife and vice versa. "Through our practice we encounter patients whom I regard as victims of the society. We still have to clarify to young people the huge lie that they came to believe, claiming that drugs fortify sexual abilities and increase pleasure, wheras the truth is that such hallucinations mask devastating gradual destruction to blood capillaries and vessels thus leading to the utter opposite effect in the long run, which applies also to the effect of smoking with its dual constituents: nicotine and tar. Lots of misconceptions also surround topics like hymeneal bleeding and effects of circumcision on the nerves and the frigidity of the female, which people tend to attribute to physical reasons when actually the issue is purely emotional and psycological," assures Kotb.

Indeed we live in an exposed atmosphere of knowledge nowadays, but the genuine step forward is to implement a new medical hierarchy that gives access to transparent social medical data, and to ensure that only people of specialty and expertise are given the authority to help and lead people in this area.