Unprecedented outdoor ad campaign: HishamTalaatMoustafa Group out in front
, Sunday 25 Jul 2021
Noor’s is the best marketing campaign in Egypt: International website

HishamTalaatMoustafa Group remains at the top of the charts, acing the criteria measuring the performance of real estate companies in Egypt. The group is leading with a land portfolio size and astock of 74 million square metres, sales of EGP 21 billion in six months, and more than 700,000 customers in the company’s various projects.

HishamTalaatMoustafa Group’s Noor project is out in front with the best marketing campaign in Egypt, according to https://insiteooh.com, which is specialised in analysing outdoor advertising campaigns in Egypt and the Middle East.

The insiteooh website lauded HishamTalaatMoustafa Group’s Noor project, reporting that “it’s only normal for a campaign to come at the top, but the promotional campaign of Noor city took the top to a whole new level.”

The website pointed out that the marketing campaigns of real estate companies in Egypt were going well until Noor project was launched. Noor's campaign spoiled the joy of other real estate development companies by taking the lead in events in the Egyptian market, the website added, stating that the equation has turned in favour of TalaatMoustafaGroup Holding.

In early June, TalaatMoustafa Group Holding launched Noor, the largest real estate project in front of the New Administrative Capital on an area of 5,000 feddans with investments of EGP 500 billion. Noor is planned to have 140,000 housing units (buildings and villas) to accommodate 600,000 people, in addition to many other facilities, such as non-residential services, including commercial spaces, a five-star hotel, schools, and an international university.

HishamTalaatMoustafa Group succeeded in achieving unprecedented sales in the Noor city project in front of the New Administrative Capital, exceeding EGP 15 billion in just 21 days, becoming the highest sales achieved by a real estate developer in Egypt when launching a project for the first time as a result of the unprecedented demand from the group’s current and new customers. This success is owed to the detailed market study the group conducted and its understanding of the needs of the target segment of end-users and long-term investors at the macroeconomic level as well as providing various units with very attractive and competitive payment plans reaching up to 5, 10, and 15 years.