Egypt mobile subscriptions up a fifth in March: Official stats
Ahram Online, Monday 21 May 2012
Mobile penetration is at 113 per cent of the population, while 38 per cent now have paid internet access, new data shows

Egyptian mobile phone subscriptions climbed to 112.67 million in March 2012, an increase of 19 per cent on the previous year, official data showed on Monday.

This latest rise puts mobile penetration in Egypt at 113 per cent in a population of 82 million, according to figures published by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

The report also shows the number of internet users in Egypt at 31 million, an annual rise of 28 per cent.

Internet penetration is now at 38 per cent of the population.

More than a third of users have internet at home, while 50 per cent access the web via mobile phones or USB sticks, data shows.