I would keep Mubarak in prison forever: Brotherhood candidate Morsi
Ahram Online, Friday 1 Jun 2012
Brotherhood's presidential candidate promises to keep the deposed president behind bars for life if he wins mid-June's second round of elections; Morsi would treat Israel as it treats Egypt

In his first interview with international media since winning the first round of presidential elections on 24 May, the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi has told Reuters that he will keep Mubarak in prison "forever" if he wins the mid-June run-off against the ousted president's ex-premier Ahmed Shafiq.

Morsi made the statement just a day before Cairo's criminal court is due to issue a verdict in Mubarak's trial.

The presidential contender said that he and the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to gain the support of revolutionaries and liberals who feel cornered in having to choose between an Islamist and a candidate affiliated to Mubarak's regime.

Morsi hailed the revolutionaries for ousting Mubarak in the January uprising and downplayed fears that the court may acquit the ex-president on Saturday.

During the interview, Morsi gave open-ended answers when asked about his potential presidential policies towards Israel.

Asked whether he would agree to meet with Israelis, Morsi replied that it all depended on "Israel's actions."

"If Israel showed its commitment to border agreements and the Palestinian right of return, I will act in the same manner," Morsi said.

Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq, Mubarak's last prime minister, are set to faceoff in the the runoffs of Egypt's presidential elections which will take place on 16 and 17 June.