April 6 call for Tuesday protest against 'military coup'
Ahram Online, Monday 18 Jun 2012
Revolutionary group April 6 Youth Movement announce, Sunday, Tahrir-based demonstrations against recent controversial court decisions and SCAF Addendum Constitutional Declaration

April 6 Youth Movement have called for mass demonstrations on Tuesday in Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square to oppose the recent "military coup", in a press statement released as vote-counting for the presidential elections was underway.

The movement condemned several state decisions and announcements made over the course of the past few days, which the youth group consider to be attempts to abort the revolution.

April 6 denounced the Justice Ministry's Wednesday decree giving military police and military intelligence the legal right to arrest civilians.

They also condemned the High Constitutional Court's Friday rulings which resulted in the military dissolving parliament and former regime member Ahmed Shafiq being allowed to run for presidency.

Finally they rejected the military-authored Addendum Constitutional Declaration issued by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) Sunday afternoon, which gave the ruling military council legislative authorities and the power to form the constituent assembly.

The protest, as outlined in thepress communiqué:

Rejects the Addendum Constitutional Declaration announced on 17 June

Rejects the military coup and the authorities granted by the Justice Ministry on 13 June allowing military police to arbitarily arrest civilians

Rejects the dissolution of the parliament and the transfer of its legislative authorities to the SCAF

Rejects the constituent assembly that is to be formed by the SCAF