Morsi should release pro-revolution army officers: Mazhar Shaheen
Ahram Online, Friday 29 Jun 2012

Mazhar Shaheen, who is known as the revolution's imam, called on president-elect Mohamed Morsi to take his oath of office in Tahrir rather than in front of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

Speaking from the main sound stage at Friday's mass rally against continued military rule in Tahrir, Shaheen said Morsi should work on releasing the army officers who were imprisoned for joining protesters in Tahrir in April 2011 and those who were detained during clashes between demonstrators and army forces in Abbasiyia district, Cairo, last month.

"It's not possible to fulfill the people demands via negotiations with the military council. We should continute to protest," he told to Al-Jazeera TV afterward.

Shaheen also called on Morsi to order a re-trial of the former regime figures, some of whom were recently acquitted by Egyptian courts.