48 candidates apply to be new heads of Egypt state-owned news organisations
Ahram Online, Thursday 5 Jul 2012
Applications for positions of editors-in-chief in state-owned newspapers continue to filter in

Some 20 candidates applied Thursday for positions as editors-in-chief of state owned news organisations, a Shura Council official revealed.

According to Fathi Shehab El-Din, the head of the Culture, Media and Tourism Committee in the Shura Council, 11 of these number come from the Akhbar El-Youm Foundation, four from Dar El-Tahrir, two from Al-Ahram, two from the Dar El-Helal and one from Rose El-Youssef.

The application process began last Tuesday and according to Shehab El-Din, the committee now has some 48 applications in total from journalists across various news outlets.

A sub-committee of the Shura Council is responsible for selecting and appointing editors-in-chief and boards of directors for state-owned news organisations.

In a report released last month, the Shura Council set its criteria for selecting the new appointees and said that deteriorated financial and administrative conditions in state-owned press organisations are the result of the interference by those in power in the management of those organisations.

The report also stated that the Shura Council, "the real owner of those institutions," gave up on its role, ultimately allowing individuals to be promoted according to the whims of power, which led to deficiencies in organisational structure and internal dictatorships.

The report also announced seven measures and three conditions for hiring new editors-in-chief, including implementing an age limit and a minimum requirement of 15 years' experience. Also that no chief editor will be appointed if proven to have been involved in corruption.