Palestinian Authority hits back at Qatar’s Emir
Ahram Online, Monday 24 Jan 2011
PA official Yasser Abed Rabbo accused Qatar's Emir Monday of using Al-Jazeera's TV network to discredit the Palestinian organisation

In a press conference Monday, senior Palestinian Authority (PA) official Yasser Abed Rabbo accused Qatar’s Emir of waging a smear campaign against the PA through the Doha-based Al-Jazeera which began releasing on Sunday thousands of leaked documents revealing that the PA ceded several Palestinian rights and made unparalleled concessions on West Bank settlements.

“Al-Jazeera channel took the green light from Qatar’s Emir before publishing such documents, it is purely a political campaign against President Mahmoud Abbas”, claimed Abed Rabbo.

He added that the PA called on Qatar to extend its commitment of transparency and Media freedoms by revealing Doha’s role in helping the US spy on its Gulf neighbours.

“We appreciate the Amir’s commitment to the Arab people’s right to information, but we want his green light to extend to Al-Jazeera, so that it can reveal the role of the US military base in Qatar on spying.”

It also should speak out about Qatar’s relations with Israel, he added, and its role in funding extremist groups that are involved in terrorist activities in the Arab region.

He added that Al-Jazeera has adopted a hostile altitude towards the PA since the days of former president Yassar Arafat.