Soft opening: Cortado Restaurant & Café, Mohandessin
Ahram Online, Saturday 4 Aug 2012
Although the new orange spot (Cortado Café) on Batal Ahmed Aziz Street only just had a soft opening, they are hitting the ground running with an iftar and sohour menu

Businesses go up, businesses go down on Batal Ahmed Aziz Street, but the two-story villa layout, greenery and water fountain that drowns out the cars on the main street might be inticing enough to become a favourite.

"Cortado" is a very specific type of coffee. Wikipedia says it well: Cortado is anespressocut with a small amount of warmmilkto reduce the acidity. The ratio of milk to coffee is between 1:1 – 1:2, and the milk is added after the espresso. The word "cortado" is from the Spanishcortar, to cut.

Cortado's sohour menu is a la carte and is about the price that you would expect in a nice, new sit-down café.

They have four Ramadan menus, starting at LE75 - LE85.

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