Gaddafi son Seif to be tried in September in Libya's Zintan
AFP, Thursday 23 Aug 2012
Seif al-Islam Gaddafi to be tried at home despite International Criminal Court warrant

Slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son Seif al-Islam will go on trial in September in the town of Zintan where he has been held since last November, the prosecution's spokesman told AFP on Thursday.

"A committee from the prosecutor general's office has completed its investigation into the crimes committed by Seif al-Islam from the start of the revolution on February 15 (2011) and has prepared the chargesheet," spokesman Taha Nasser Baara said.

He said the chargesheet would be "approved by the prosecutor general in the coming days and a date set for the September trial opening."

The International Criminal Court in The Hague had issued a warrant for Seif's arrest on charges of crimes against humanity during the conflict which overthrew his father last year but the new Libyan authorities have insisted that he stand trial in his home country.