Egypt marks 140 years of books and archives
Al-Ahram Arabic Portal, Friday 26 Nov 2010
Culture Ministry celebrates Egypt's National Library and Archive.

It’s been 140 years since the construction of the Kotob Khana (literally, the place for books), now the National Library and Archives of Egypt located in Cairo. On this occasion, Farouk Hosni will inaugurate a ceremony on Saturday, 27 November at the Opera House's Small Hall.

The celebration includes an international conference entitled, “The Egyptian Library: 140 Years of Enlightenment,” as Mohamed Saber Arab, head of the National Library and Archive, said.

Egyptian, Arab and international intellectuals will participate, as well as heads of national libraries and public figures from around the world. The conference will focus on a number of topics, including the role of the National Library in pursuit of enlightenment, the “digitisation” project at the library, and the restoration and maintenance of Egypt’s cultural heritage.

On the occasion, the National Library is also issuing reprints of important books such as The Archaeological History of Mosques. Sessions of the conference will take place between 27 and 30 November in the meeting halls of the National Library on the Corniche El-Nil, Cairo.