Police officers protest demanding Adly’s prosecution
MENA , Monday 14 Feb 2011

After a month of ongoing protests over 300 policemen demonstrated today in front of the Rowing club in Giza, demanding the prosecution of Egypt’s former Interior Minister Habib Al-Adly.

The protestersaccused Adlyof beingthe mastermind behind all the brutal incidentsduring the January 25 uprising.

Moreover, officers claim that hidden figures are behind the spread of rumours alleging that officers shot atprotesters to create a wave of hatred and a loss of confidence between Egyptians and police officers,stressing that they did notabandon their duties.

They are asking people not tolisten to rumours and believe that they will always be the watchful eyeto protect the security ofall citizens and the stability of the country.

The protesters also demanded thatthe Ministry of Interior improve their living conditions, employment and increase their salaries.