'Boycotters' chant against Revolution's Imam at Eid prayers in Tahrir
Ahram Online, Friday 26 Oct 2012
After prayers in Tahrir on the Muslim Eid holiday, dozens from a group that campaigned to boycott presidential elections accuse Mazhar Shaheen,'The Imam of the Revolution', of fronting for the Brotherhood

In Egypt's Tahrir Square on Friday morning, after the "Imam of the Revolution" Mazhar Shaheen delivered his sermon for the Muslim holiday, Eid Al-Adha, some worshippers began chanting against him.

Members of a group that campaigned unsuccessfully for a boycott of presidential elections in June chanted: "Down with the rule of the Supreme Guide," referring to the Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide Mohamed badie. They also charged that "Shaheen acts as an agent for the Supreme Guide."

In his Eid sermon, Shaheen stressed the importance of finding justice for those who lost their lives during the revolution and the implementation of social justice. He also held President Mohamed Morsi - a long-time Brotherhood member - and his officials responsible for the lack of progress towards that end.

In response to the chants against him, Shaheen told Al-Ahram Arabic-language news website that the people have the right to express their views and that this is an element of democracy.

The Imam has lead many prayers in Tahrir Square during and after the initial 18-day uprising in January 2011. He also negotiated an end to violence in many confrontations between revolutionaries and security forces on several occasions within the carry-over of the uprising this past year and a half.

Shaheen did not endorse either Mohamed Morsi or his rival, the Mubarak-era prime minister Ahmed Shafiq in the presidential elections; however, he did make known his opposition to the election of a remnant figure from the past regime.