Salafist protesters sign petition for Sharia-based constitution
MENA, Friday 9 Nov 2012
Islamist protesters collect signatures to petition for the implementation of Sharia law in Egypt's Tahrir Square on Friday

A petition by Salafist protesters demanding all legislations to be based on Islamic law circulates in Friday Tahrir Square demonstration.

"I, the undersigned agree that a phrase is to be added to Article 2 of the constitution, stating that Sharia is the base for the constitution and no article should be present that conflicts with Sharia," read the statement signed by protesters in the square.

Article 2 of the constitution has been a source of disputes between members of the Constituent Assembly, as Islamists reject the current formulation of the article that states that "principles of Islamic Sharia" are the main source of legislation.

Islamists are demanding the article reads "the main source," while non-Islamists demand the article to remain unchanged to prevent Egypt from changing into a 'religious' state.

Thousands of protesters affiliated with Islamist groups, such as Al-Gamaa Islamiyya and the Salafist Front, are in Tahrir to call for the application of Sharia (Islamic law) in Egypt and also demand the dismissal of the Prosecutor-General Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud.