51 million Egyptians eligible to vote in parliament poll: CAPMAS
Ahram Online, Monday 21 Jan 2013
Some 26.2 million male voters, 25.1 female voters will be eligible to cast ballots in Egypt's upcoming parliamentary elections, according to official statistics agency

Head of official Egyptian statistics agency CAPMAS Abu Bakr El-Gendi announced on Monday that 51.387 million Egyptian citizens would be eligible to vote in upcoming parliamentary elections.

El-Gendi divided this figure between some 26.2 million male voters and some 25.1 female voters.

All Egyptians over the age of 18 will be eligible to cast ballots in upcoming elections for Egypt's House of Representatives (the lower house of parliament, formerly known as the People's Assembly).

The electoral process will begin next month, according to recent constitutional declarations stipulating that the legislative electoral process begin within 60 days of the approval of a new constitution.

Egypt's new national charter was approved via popular referendum last December.

Egypt's previous parliamentary polls in November 2011saw a turnout of roughly 54 per cent out of some 50 million eligible voters.

According to El-Gendi, there will be no change in the allocation of electoral districts in the upcoming elections.