Examining Acting Myths and Misconceptions
Menna Taher, Friday 26 Nov 2010
Lecture by theatre director and professor Mahmoud El-Lozy at AUC

Prominent theatre director, professor and actor Mahmoud El-Lozy will deliver a lecture in Arabic this Monday titled "Acting: Myths and Misconceptions".

The lecture, which will examinethe controversies and prejudices surrounding the art of acting that are perpetuated by the general public, critics and reviewers, is part ofthis fall’s Provost Lecture series.

El-Lozy is a prominent Egyptian theatre actor, director and playwright, who has directed many Arabic plays. Among his productions, he has directed plays by Tawfik El Hakeem, Saad El Din Wahaba, Ibsen’s Ghosts, and Jean Anouilh’sTraveller without Luggage. He is the author of three plays compiled in the trilogy,We That are Young,and has translated theplays of Tawfik El Hakeem and Numan Ashour. His film credits include roles in Mohamed Khan's Knight of the City, Youssef Chahine’s Alexandria - New York, Philip Haas' The Situation and Ahmed Abdallah’s Heliopolis and Microphone.

PLACE: Conference and Visitor Centre, room 007, AUC New Campus. DATE: 28 November, 3.30 - 5.30pm.

The lecture is open to the public.