Diwan bookstore offers 'Quantum Energy Course'
Ingy Deif, Wednesday 12 Jun 2013
Ever thought about enhancing your life using the science of quantum energy? A new crash course provides you with the basics

As the stress and pressure of daily life mount around us, more people are interested in learning about the science and secrets of quantum energy.

A new course, hosted by Diwan bookstore in Heliopolis, will give participants basic knowledge about energy balance and offer secrets to refining communication with ones surroundings.

The Quantum Energy Course will help participants enhance their energy field and aura, implement positive thinking, and achieve balance with their surroundings. It will also offer "quick tips to balance [the] house, office, and environment."

The speaker is Dr. Gehan Nagy, founder of al-Masked foundation and research associate at the Welsh School of Architecture-Cardiff University.

The course will take place over three consecutive days starting 13 June, from 7pm-10 pm.

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