Calls for military coup do not represent 'patriotic' opposition: Morsi advisor
Ahram Online, Friday 28 Jun 2013
In interview with CNN, Khaled Qazzaz asserts that 'patriotic opposition does not want return to dictatorship and corruption'

Calls to undemocratically overthrow the current regime in Egypt do not represent the majority opinion of the Egyptian opposition, Khaled Qazzaz, secretary of political and foreign affairs for President Morsi, stated in an interview with CNN on Thursday.

"The patriotic opposition does not want to return back to dictatorship and corruption again…and we see that the opposition wants proper representation and democracy for Egyptians" said Qazzaz in the interview.

Qazzaz also stated that Egyptians stood against military rule during the revolution, calling instead for civilian rule.

In response to calls by some opposition groups for the army to lead a coup against the president, Qazzaz asserted that the Egyptian Armed Forces have a specific, and limited role in the constitution.

He also hinted that the president had held meetings with the National Defense Council and the Homeland Security Council to discuss the upcoming rallies and citizen rights to peaceful protests.

"We have put Egyptians on a path that preserves their peace and their right to freedom of expression and allows them to go forward in a democratic process" said Qazzaz, who added that Egypt set a good example for the world with its peaceful revolution.