UPDATED: Violence at pro-Morsi protests in Cairo
Ahram Online, Friday 5 Jul 2013
Gunfire reported at Republican Guards headquarters in Heliopolis, Cairo, where supporters of ousted president Morsi are demonstrating

UPDATE: Four helicopters are flying around the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo's Nasr City, Ahram Online's Mohamed Saad reports.

Two Apaches are flying really low.

Protesters say Morsi will be back in office by tonight and are chanting against army chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, accusing him of betrayal. People are very tense.

More than a dozen ambulances are in the vicinity.

An army cargo helicopter has landed inside the Republican Guard headquarters, whichis guarded by special army forces in armored vehicles and armored hummers with small machine gun.


Pro-Morsi marchers attacked an anti-Morsi sit-in at Sidi Gaber station in Alexandria on Friday afternoon, activist Mahmoud Hassan, told Ahram Online.

“When we saw [the pro-Morsi marchers] we chanted that this is a peaceful sit-in, but they began hitting us and pulling down our banners,” Hassan said. “The police intervened with tear gas.”

The marchers arrived from the neighboring Abu Eir Street, he added

The clashes have moved to the Northern Military Zone in the Mediterranean city.


The Muslim Brotherhood’s Gehad El-Haddad said via Twitter that shootings at the Republican Guards headquarters were not by the guards but by neighboring military police. He said that it "is not known if [the shooting was] under panic or by order."

News agency AFP reported three dead at clashesoutside the Cairo headquarters of the Republican Guard on Friday where supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi are demonstrating.

AFP reports that the pro-Morsi protesters were carrying weapons. Reuters has also quoted a figure of three dead, according to "security sources."

A military spokesman has denied using live fire against protesters in Cairo. Only blank round and tear gas have been used, he claimed in comments reported by Reuters.

The Muslim Brotherhood and their allies called for protests today against the ousting of president Mohamed Morsi, labelling the day 'the Friday of Rejection.'

Pro-Morsi marches are also taking place inAlexandriaandBeheira, both in the north, and inMinyain Upper Egypt, among other cities.

In Cairo, there are a number of demonstrations in Giza, on the eastern side of the river.

The Republican Guards headquarters is a short distance from Rabaa Al-Adawiya Square where thousands of Morsi supporters have been holding a sit-in for a week now.