FJP thanks pro-Morsi supporters for protesting on Friday
Ahram Online, Saturday 6 Jul 2013
After chaotic clashes on Friday night, the Brotherhood's political arm thanks supporters of army-deposed president Morsi for coming out to protest

Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party thanks the hundreds of thousands of Morsi supporters who took to the streets on Friday to protest against president's ouster from power.

The statement released by the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing, which propelled Morsi into power, thanked the protesters for responding to calls to protest against the "brutal military coup," and "unconstitutional procedures," which were taken against the democratically-elected Morsi.

The FJP stressed that it will remain in the street until Morsi returns to office and asked the Armed Forces to protest peaceful Islamist protests.

Former president Morsi was removed from power on Wednesday evening after Defence Minister Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi announced in a televised statement that the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) will become the interim president until new elections are held.

After the announcement, Morsi released a statement stressing that he is still the president of Egypt and accused the Armed Forces of staging a coup.

The FJP then released a statement demanding that Morsi supporters begin nationwide protests to demand his return to power.

On Friday, pro-Morsi protests erupted in 19 governorates, leaving 30 protesters dead as clashes that erupted between his supporters and opposition and security forces.