Amr Moussa: Vote against the constitutional amendments
Ahmed Eliba, Wednesday 16 Mar 2011
The head of the Arab League and a prospective presidential candidate is urging Egyptians to vote against the proposed constitutional amendments Saturday

Amr Moussa, head of the Arab League and one of those planning to run in Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections, refuses the constitution amendments offered by the judicial committee, on which Egyptians are due to vote in a referendum Saturday.

Moussa, believes that the constitutional amendments are not aligned with the ambitions of the Egyptians in the democracy era.

According Moussa, voting No would lead to the announcement of a temporary constitution, upon which presidential elections would be based by the end of this year. Then after the president is elected, a panel would be formed to design the new constitution according to the people’s will. Eligible voters would then be asked to their verdict on a package of amendments drawn up by appointed committee that would ease restrictions on who can stand for president, reduce and limit presidential terms, and abolish military trails for civilians.

Parliamentary elections would take place after the new constitution is finalised.

Moussa has confirmed that he would take part in the constitutional amendments referendum, voting No, because he is convinced that presidential elections should take place before parliamentary ones, to give room for new political parties to evolve.

If the majority votes Yes, Moussa is afraid that entities with strong ties to the old regime would win with a large number of seats in parliamentary elections. Beside the fact that the current constitution gives the president sweeping powers, which contradicts with the ambitions of the Egyptian people.