April 6 Youth Movement welcomes Safwat Hegazy's arrest
Ahram Online , Wednesday 21 Aug 2013
The April 6 Youth Movement expressed in a statement on Wednesday its satisfaction with the arrest of prominent preacher Safwat Hegazy, saying his rhetoric lead to 'shedding of more blood'

The April 6 Youth Movement expressed satisfaction with Safwat Hegazy's recent arrest.

In a statement released Wednesday via its Facebook page, the youth movement said "the preacher of secession and blood ran away in disguise instead of being on the frontlines.

"Hegazy, a hard line preacher who is closely affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, has continuously called upon ousted President Morsi's supporters to fiercely defend and protect the "legitimacy" of the deposed regime.

According to a security official,Hegazy was arrested at a checkpoint in Siwa oasis in western Egypt before he was about to escape the country passing through the Libyan border.

The condemned Hegazy's speech which "jeopardized" the country's stability.

"Preacher of secession and blood, you might not have been involved in the actual killing but your rhetoric was powerful enough to bring about the shedding of more blood. You must now be aware of the consequences of your words and incitements. Your supporters now realise how not all that shines is gold and that empty vessels make the loudest sound."

Hegazy's arrest came as part of security forces ongoing efforts to arrest major Muslim Brotherhood figures, amongst them the Brotherhood's Supreme Guide, Mohamed Badie.